Looking to get more out of a room? Need more space, more storage, a new modern look? You name it, we’ve renovated it. There is no challenge too large or small. 

Looking to modernize your kitchen or brighten up your en-suite? The opportunities are endless. We offer in-house design and custom cabinetry so that you can make the most of your most-used rooms! 

Feeling a bit cramped? Create a bright, inviting kitchen and living room by opening up your floor plan. Open concept living exchanges divisive walls and old, boxy designs for a more inclusive space. 

Whether you know exactly what your dream bedroom looks like or you just need a change, we can help. Replace carpet with hardwood, or give yourself the walk-in-closet you’ve always wanted. Get cozy, get custom, and start updating your bedrooms!

Can’t get that unfinished basement off your mind? Make the most out of that extra space with a rec room, or a couple of extra bedrooms.  Even if you have a finished basement, Millennium can help you bring that space from dark and dated to bright and modern!

Retain heat, reduce drafts, eliminate condensation, and improve the overall comfort of your home with new energy efficient windows and doors, featuring upgrades such as: 
Double-, triple- or even quadruple-glazing
Low-emissivity (low-E) glass
Inert gas, like argon or krypton in the sealed unit
Low conductivity or warm-edge spacer bars
Good air tightness

Whether you’re looking to spend more time outside or just increase the aesthetic of your home, porches and decks are an excellent addition. Things to consider:
Front or back?

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